Sunday, September 30, 2007

New (Free?) Radiohead Album Coming Next Week?

Hold on, hold on, I know. There have been tons of rumors and hoaxes circulating these past few weeks about the upcoming Radiohead release, but this one's coming directly from the source. These guys are GOOD: If they're for real, managing to keep an album this big a secret for so long seems absolutely unheard of in today's leak-happy Internet age.

P.S. - It's called In Rainbows. Radiohead can do whatever it wants.


foggy ruins of time said...

WTF world is spiraling out of control even if we can d/l it now we still won't get the second disc till December.

foggy ruins of time said...

i realized last night that the second album is b-sides. Would you realy d/l the album for free? I'd give em a least 5 bucks to have it this week.

Ginny said...

I'm not saying I'd download it for free - I'm just saying the possibility is out there. I'd throw some money their way. They're Radiohead, they deserve it, no doubt.