Tuesday, September 11, 2007

White Stripes Cancel Austin City Limits Performance

Is it just me, or are the White Stripes looking a little bit pale?

Guess I won't be fretting over whether or not to see the White Stripes or the Arcade Fire play at ACL this weekend... the most mammoth of scheduling unfortunancies (Wilco vs. MMJ has me leaning decidedly toward MMJ at the moment) has been rectified (and not in the way anybody would have preferred). The White Stripes have cancelled their gigs (the other was an aftershow at Stubb's Bar-B-Q), citing medical reasons. Kinda a bummer, 'cause I was thinking I'd see the Stripes play, but who's gonna complain about watching the Arcade Fire? Anyways, here's a fitting White Stripes song from Elephant.

"Girl You've Got No Faith In Medicine" [MP3]

The White Stripes' website
The Arcade Fire's website
Austin City Limits' website


Mr. Curiosity said...

Woah, you've done a few changes around here, right? It looks different. It looks good!

Ginny said...

Thanks, yeah I've been trying to make it easier on the eyes.