Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Details On Ryan Adams' Upcoming EP, Boxed Set

Ryan Adams and the Cardinals take flight on a new EP

So I was complaining last week that Ryan Adams hasn't been popping up much around the blogosphere yet this fall. Well, thanks to Indie Blog Heaven for letting me know that Ryan Adams has a 7-track EP coming out on Oct. 23 (with the Cardinals) that features two new songs and five new versions of old Adams tunes, and also that the long-awaited boxed set will be released sometime next year (click HERE to get more details from Paste). The box set was Lost Highway's idea, and they're the ones making most of the plans. Says Mr. Adams:
“There hasn’t been a lot of communication,but [The Cardinals and I] were just in Australia and New Zealand, and I know that mastering goes into this, the finalization of some art work, the packaging has to be discussed, it has to be the correct time—It isn’t that they’ve been doing anything wrong, I just don’t really know what they’ll eventually clear... The balance of power has been moved over to where a great amount of work has been done on [my] end, and now I think a great amount of consideration is happening on their end.”
"Blue Hotel"
"Follow The Lights"
"My Love For You Is Real"
"Dear John"
"If I Am A Stranger"
"This Is It"
"Down In A Hole" (Alice In Chains cover)

"Down In A Hole" [MP3]

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