Monday, September 24, 2007

OUT NOW: Holler, Wild Rose! - Our Little Hymnal

I fell in love with "Sun Vines," a song by Holler, Wild Rose!, earlier this summer, a song so psychedelic and summery you'd swear it was a lost Brian Wilson cut, but if you think you've got the band's sound figured out after that one song, think again. The young New Jersey band's debut album, Our Little Hymnal, released last week on Sept. 18, offers up a dozen eclecticly beautiful pop songs that still sound cohesive. It's refreshing, setting the band apart from the load of bands out there getting blog coverage and selling records off one amazingly catchy, well-marketed song and a ton of filler. The band's atmospheric, often near-shoegazey sound flows over the lead singer's distant-sounding voice -- if you close your eyes, you can almost feel yourself being carried into space as you listen to "Mary Lawn Hair." And dare I say it, the vocals on "Mercy Beat" are almost Radiohead-esque in their howling, drawn out delivery. After a first album this good, I'd advise keeping your eye on these guys.

"Sun Vines" [MP3]
"Mary Lawn Hair" [MP3]

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