Thursday, September 20, 2007

MIX: In The Fine Autumn Time

It's been getting colder here in Santa Barbara since I got back from Austin, and as my friends who've been at home for the summer start moving back into Isla Vista, it's becoming clear that it's officially Fall. It even smells like Fall outside, ya know what I mean? Also, I've got a cold, which is a clear indication that the seasons are changing. Vegetable soup! New sweaters! Old sweaters! Hot chocolate! Pumpkin bread! Fall's my favorite season. I'm even sort of looking forward to starting classes, thanks to the chill in the air.

The Spires: "In The Fine Autumn Time" [MP3]**
Sweet, sweet indiepop from nearby Ventura's the Spires.

Irene: "September Skies" [MP3]

Chris Garneau: "Halloween" [MP3]**

Tanakh: "November Tree" [MP3]

My Morning Jacket: "Olde September Blues" [MP3]
The perfect song for Jim James's distant-sounding, downtempo vocals.

The Kinks: "Autumn Almanac" [MP3]

Watercolor Paintings: "Fall" [MP3]**
You better listen to this song. You just better! It's so cute!

The Dreadful Yawns: "November Nights" [MP3]
Alt-country meets indiepop: A blessed union.

Black Bear: "Eve Of The Fall" [MP3]

Everday Sensations: "Listening To The Fall" [MP3]

Jim Bryson: "All The Fallen Leaves" [MP3]

Polaris: "Waiting For October" [MP3]**
That band who did the Pete & Pete theme song are behind this wonderful power pop gem.

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foggy ruins of time said...

how do you do mixes so fast?!?!