Thursday, September 13, 2007

Austin City Limits Dispatch #1: My Luggage Really Loves Me!

I'm finally checked into my hotel room here in Austin after a long day of travel: and, unlike last year, my luggage has decided to join me. That's right, I'm not going to have to spend hot, sweltering day #1 of the festival sweating in yesterday's clothes. Though to be fair, I don't sweat, I glisten. I'm a lady. Anyhow, last year, my suitcase somehow ended up in Hawaii. How my suitcase manages to get there when I myself have yet to go baffles me. After a quick rest, I'm probably going to go downtown while I've got the chance. Tomorrow's lineup? I'm planning on checking out the following artists (though, yes, I am aware my complete agenda is a physical improbability)...

Got a coupla acts battling for my attention, any recommendations would be appreciated in those cases. See ya on the grass!

Jesse Malin
"Broken Radio" [MP3] from Glitter In The Gutter + MORE INFO

Amy LaVere vs. Pete Yorn
"Killing Him" [MP3] from Anchors and Anvils + MORE INFO
"Vampyre" [MP3] from Nightcrawler + MORE INFO

Blonde Redhead vs. Peter Bjorn and John
"23" [MP3] from 23 + MORE INFO
"Young Folks" [MP3] from Writer's Block + MORE INFO

Crowded House
"She Called Up" [MP3] from Time On Earth + MORE INFO

"Bird Flu" [MP3] from Arular + MORE INFO

"Don't You Evah" [MP3] from Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga + MORE INFO

"107 Steps" [MP3] + MORE INFO

Oh, and if you hadn't heard already, St. Vincent has been added to the ACL lineup, and Muse will be replacing the White Stripes. Afterparty = Hot Freaks! Check out Grizzly Bear and Brazos, sponsored by all your mom's favorite blogs (mine too, but I'm certainly not your mother). Don't forget to RSVP!

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Anonymous said...

Amy LaVere and PBJ.
No question. Amy is undeniable live and PBJ are in their moment!