Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Violet Mice: "Clouds"

Violet Mice is the musical alterego of Chicagoan Ian McDuffie, whose penchant for wearing strange animal masks (in his MySpace pictures, at least) makes him seem like a long-lost member of Animal Collective, which might not be THAT far off of a comparison, soundwise. He's got a lo-fi approach to his folk-pop songs, and while "Clouds" starts off slow, it swells and builds to some wonderful harmonies that highlight the song's chorus. To hear other songs off 2007's O, Zeppelin, check out Violet Mice's wonderful website, which has also got a ton of his older stuff (or, get lost inside the wacky mousehole).

"Clouds" [MP3]

Violet Mice's website
Violet Mice's MySpace

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