Friday, August 31, 2007

Paul Westerberg To Be Featured In MGD "Craft" Series

Yeah, I can't wait... can't hardly waaaaait. Seriously.

I live nowhere near Minneapolis, but this is just so cool that have to mention it. On Sept. 23, Paul Westerberg (of the Replacements, for anybody who doesn't know) is going to be playing a private show before rolling cameras at First Avenue in Minneapolis (his first since he injured his hand in January, if I'm correct). Tickets aren't going on sale, either - you have to enter to win them from Minneapolis radio station Cities 97. The show's being presented by "The Craft" concert series that's co-sponsored by Miller and the Rock Hall of Fame (into which the 'Mats still haven't been inducted), and the e-mail I got described it as "a mash-up of an unplugged performance and an Inside the Actors Studio discussion." Um, no fair, Minneapolis. It'll be available online, though, for all you rabid 'Mats fans out there. Can't beat seeing the man from Minneapolis live in Minneapolis, though.

Click HERE to enter to win the tickets online.

Oh, and here's a typically snarky Pitchfork news item which talks more about the concept of "The Craft" (yeah, the MGD press quotes were a little bit silly). Others featured in the series include Elvis Costello, Jim James (of MMJ), Patty Griffin and Ben Gibbard. Westerberg's appearance is more of a surprise than anybody else, though.

Sorry, nothing to report on the possibility of a Replacements reunion or another Westerberg solo album. Patience, friends, patience. But if your Westerberg/Replacements quota isn't filled yet, you can look forward to the upcoming Replacements book, The Replacements: All Over The Shouting by music journalist and fellow Minneapolis resident Jim Walsh, due on Nov. 15 (more on that HERE). Or join in the fun at Relisten to the old classic 'Mats albums.

"We May Be The Ones" [MP3] from Stereo

Paul Westerberg's website

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