Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Band of Horses: Ya Knew It Was Coming...

Funeral's over, and now the ghosts have arrived.

...You just didn't know when. While I was at work today, Band of Horses (or, much more realistically, BoH's management/label/etc.) was busy uploading a first glimpse at the much-coveted sophomore BoH album, Cease to Begin (out Oct. 9 on Sub Pop). Aside from being the perfect song for My Little Ghost Friend to talk about, title-wise, it's also just a really, really good song. "Is There A Ghost" builds on the melancholy of "The Funeral" and the rest of Everything All The Time, with Ben Bridwell's distant voice echoing over the sweeping melody. Awesome.

"Is There A Ghost" [MP3]
"The Funeral" [MP3]

Band of Horses' website
Band of Horses on MySpace

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