Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Additional Moog: Something For Your Wilco Fix

Additional Moog = the new target of my alt-country object of adoration.

Additional Moog has really impressed me with its brand of alt-country, heard on its May release, Thirty Three & A Third (released in North America on Lost Cat Records)! I mean, not only has this pretty unknown band been compared to Wilco, but they've also got the thumbs up FROM one of the guys in Wilco, John Stirratt ("Really beautiful songs... like the lost Jayhawks album," Stirratt has said). I'm not going to disagree - I mean, just listen to the opening few notes of "Alaska." Singer-songwriter James Williams, drummer Ian Powell and guitarist/keyboardist Mark Rose have created the perfect sleepy-eyed alt-country album, an album that's really refreshing and calming. The thing's got an understated optimism its slow tempo can't hide. Highly recommended!

Anyways, the band's at work on another album, as well as playing some gigs on their side of the pond. Williams is thinking of calling it Sweet, Sweet Rain.

"Alaska" [MP3] from Thirty Three & A Third
"My Harpsichord" [MP3] from Thirty Three & A Third

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