Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My Sad Captains: "Bad Decisions"

In addition to having one of the more awesome band promo photos I've seen lately, My Sad Captains (of merry olde London) have also recorded a rather rockin' couple of songs. Their sound has won their sound many comparisons to bands like Pavement, Grandaddy and other important figures of the 90s "slacker rock" canon (and the inclusion of "country" as part of their genre classification on MySpace intrigues me, of course). "Bad Decisions" was their debut single released by Fortuna Pop earlier this summer, and it's a dark but jangly little infectious gem. I can tell I'm going to have this stuck on repeat for a long, long time (maybe until they tell me when they're going to put out an album or EP?).

"Bad Decisions" [MP3] HIGHLY REC'D!

My Sad Captains website
My Sad Captains on MySpace