Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Miscellaneous Blogophilia!

OMG OMG OMG. New Radiohead, sez I Guess I'm Floating and Pitchfork. "Arpeggi" has been leaked to the Internet from whatever Thom Yorke and Co. are throwing at us in 2008.

Kate at The Glorious Hum has just posted a great interview she's done with Bishop Allen's lead singer, Justin Rice.

Brooklyn Vegan has BOB MOULD tour dates. Whoa-oaaa! Yep, the former Husker Du-er will be on the road attending screenings of the Oct. 12 DVD, Circle of Friends, as well as playing acoustic performances. Aaaand, apparently Mr. Mould has an album in the works, which'll be released this coming January.

Everybody's got the new Band of Horses album cover up. While what we're really all waiting for is a leaked track or something. While we watch our favorite BoH performances on YouTube, of course.

Matt over at Skatterbrain posted some fun songs by what must be the best. bandname. ever. EVAR! (That would be the Doane Givvaschittz). Better than the name of the guys from Bishop Allen's previous project, the Pissed Officers? You be the judge.

The Torture Garden posted another new song from the upcoming Sandro Perri album, Tiny Mirrors, "Love Is Real." Meanwhile, Sean at Said The Gramophone posted "Family Tree" earlier this week. The album really is amazing, everybody!

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