Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Ladybug Transistor, Live @ Muddy Waters

I forgot to mention how much fun it was to see the Ladybug Transistor on Friday night at Muddy Waters in Santa Barbara. It's a really small little venue (small but really cozy and wonderful), and it was packed with dancing Santa Barbarians (yes, we are quite barbaric) enjoying the sounds of the Papercuts (great, great opener) and the Transistor itself. Muddy Waters is basically the only 18+ small venue in the area (other than the enormous Santa Barbara Bowl, which is all ages, and the various locations throughout Isla Vista), so it's great to see acts like these getting booked. Future attractions: the Spires, Mount Eerie, Saturday Looks Good To Me, The Coral Sea...

EDIT: and my good friend over at Foggy Ruins of Time has reminded me that the Lonesome Architects and always wonderful Watercolor Paintings will be playing this week!

The Ladybug Transistor's website
The Papercuts' MySpace
Muddy Waters' MySpace

Listen to some MP3s from THIS PREVIOUS POST.


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foggy ruins of time said...

don't forget The Lonesome Architects on the 15thish?? at Muddy Waters!