Thursday, July 19, 2007

Paul Baribeau: "Ten Things"

Paul Baribeau makes it to Santa Barbara quite often, because the people here love him. Not that it’d be hard to find people who love him, though. The beloved singer has been making fans all over the country (actually, the world) with his unique lo-fi sweet punk/folk songs (whew, that’s a lot of adjectives, I’m clearly no Hemingway). His latest album, Grand Ledge, was released this past week on Plan-It-X Records (which has also released stuff by Ghost Mice, Japanther, Matty Pop Chart), and features the wonderful “Ten Things,” a breathlessly fast-paced acoustic guitar track that tells the tale of a man who’s seen some tough stuff and is still intent on making the most of things and will make you want to get yourself away from your computer instantly and do something great. Only not in a squishy Hallmark sort of way…

"Ten Things" [MP3]

Paul Baribeau's MySpace
Plan-It-X Records website
Buy it from No Idea Records


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