Monday, July 30, 2007

Holler, Wild Rose! - "Sun Vines"

The members of Holler, Wild Rose! hail from New Jersey, but you'd swear they dreamed up their lovely, Brian Wilson-esque (probably my highest praise on this blog) track lying on some remote California beach. Their debut album, Our Little Hymnal, will be released on September 18th, via Backlight Records, and I can't wait to hear more, if the sepia-toned "Sun Vines," which I stumbled across this evening, is any indication of the album as a whole. The song's so textured: it's got a mix of different instruments, some distorted whistling, and the singer's distant voice sounds as if it's trapped inside some sort of oceanic fog, waiting for the sun to burn through the haze. All of these elements contribute to one of the loveliest tracks you'll hear this summer. Many thanks to Quarterlife Party for turning me on to this band.

"Sun Vines" [MP3]

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Backlight Records website

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