Sunday, July 1, 2007


Just a little info that might help... Cause I would love to post your stuff. Most likely. I have some standards, obviously. E-mail or regular mail are equally fine. E-mail me for a mailing address.

-->Send me links to mp3s (c'mon, people wanna hear em...) -- MySpace pages with downloadable stuff work just fine
-->Tell me lots of info about your band (inquiring minds want to know!)
-->Correct me if I get something about your band wrong
-->Send me an e-mail about your favorite band
-->Send me a link to your own music blog... I can link back to it, if you're awesome enough (you probably are)
-->Send me a good picture, or direct me to a site you've got some up on

-->Try to contact me via MySpace... it probably won't work... I don't log in there everyday
-->Direct me to streaming audio... you can, but I prefer mp3s

-->mylittleghostfriend (@) works just fine for most correspondences
-->I've got a mailing address I can give you if you shoot me an e-mail

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