Sunday, July 8, 2007

Cloverfield - Conspiracy?

What's up with Cloverfield? I don't know, I haven't thought much of JJ Abrams since broke my 10th grade heart by gradually ruining Alias. I don't know if it's possible for a show like Alias to jump the shark, since it kind of was an excersize in shark-jumping, when I think about it, but it did something to that effect. Anyways, though I don't understand the appeal of Cloverfield and its gimmicky trailer, I REALLY don't understand why the people at the studios would be asking websites to take down the trailer. I was glancing through The Movie Blog this morning, and I saw a rant from one of the sight's proprietors angrily stating that he'd gotten some requests from lawyers to remove the link to the TRAILER. I mean, it's a trailer. It's basically an ad for the movie. And then I thought about it a little, and realized it's because they want us all to go down to our local cineplexes and shell out $9.50 for a "matinee" ticket to see Transformers (before which Cloverfield's runs). So in addition to killing Alias, Abrams is now conspiring with Michael Bay. To make more money for a film that's already broken all the monetary records. Ew. I guess JJ Abrams really is smarter than we are though: he got us to pay money to see Mission Impossible 3, after all.

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