Thursday, February 21, 2008

Jakob Dylan To Release Solo Album in May

Apparently, that recent string of Wallflowers tour dates has been in preparation for Jakob Dylan's first solo record. The album, Seeing Things, will be available on May 13. I'm definitely looking forward to this, and I think it's about time, especially considering that the last original member of the Wallflowers, Rami Jaffee, left the band late last year. Dylan's one of America's most talented lyricists, in my opinion, though the band never got the attention it deserved, post-"One Headlight."

Yes, the album is co-sponsored by Starbucks and Columbia, but hopefully we can all get past that. His father, after all, released The Gaslight Tapes exclusively from the coffee chain.

Dylan will be playing at SXSW this spring, and a national tour is expected to follow.

'Evil Is Alive And Well'
'Valley Of The Low Sun'
'All Day And All Night'
'Everybody Pays As They Go'
'Will It Grow'
'I Told You I Couldn't Stop'
'War Is Kind'
'Something Good This Way Comes'
'On Up The Mountain'
'This End Of The Telescope'

Jakob Dylan's MySpace
The Wallflowers website

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