Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Nose Bleed Island & the Blood Island Society

What would you get if you combined an Elephant 6 band with the depraved brain of a 9-year-old boy? I'd imagine it would be something like Nose Bleed Island's experimental, irreverent and thoroughly harmonious indiepop record, More Tales From Blood Island, which opens with a song ("Nazi Tears") about kicking Nazi ass "all the way back to Naziland." The ridiculous rhyming never stops, and either does the party ("Party at My Mom's"), but both of these things are wedded to some truly beautiful pop melodies (listen to "Lazy Dreams With Susie Sue"). Hands down, the most fun I've had listening to an album in quite some time. Joey Pizza Slice, Z Bear (age 11!), Miss Marbles, Dracula and the robot have a good thing going here!

Like what you hear? You can download the band's debut album, Silly Sad Cicuit's Dead Baby in a Jar for free, or more tracks from this album on the band's MySpace.

"Nazi Tears" [MP3]
"Lazy Dreams With Susie Sue" [MP3]

Nosebleed Island's MySpace
Nosebleed Island's website

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