Thursday, November 1, 2007

ON TOUR: Beatbeat Whisper

The Bay Area's Beatbeat Whisper put out one of the prettiest folk records I heard in 2006, and now the duo, comprised of siblings Ayla and Davyd Navero, are embarking on an East Coast/West Coast tour! I strongly recommend checking them out if you live anywhere near where they'll be playing. The instrumentation itself sounds very traditional, but the duo's vocals are more in line with newer artists like Joanna Newsom or Devendra Banhart. More good news: The band's at work on two (yes, TWO) more full-length albums, which'll be completed in spring of 2008!

11/01 - Cafe de los Muertos (Oakland, CA)
11/02 - The Crepe Place (Santa Cruz, CA) <-- w/ Ash Reiter & Ghost Bees
11/03 - The Mint (Los Angeles, CA) <-- w/ Moshav
11/04 - Tangiers (Los Angeles, CA) <-- w/ Mariee Sioux, Aaron Ross
11/05 - Tridosha Healing Center (San Luis Obispo, CA)
11/06 - Hotel Utah (San Francisco, CA)
11/07 - The Make Out Room (San Francisco, CA)
11/18 - IOTA Club (Arlington, CA) <-- w/ Vandaveer & John Bustine
11/20 - Night Light (Chapel Hill, NC)
11/21 - Adam's House (Fredericksburg, VA)
11/23 - Frosby House (Baltimore, MD)
11/24 - Green Line Cafe (Philadelphia, PA)
11/25 - TBA (New York, NY)
11/26 - Goodbye Blue Monday (Brooklyn, NY) <-- w/ Ash Reiter
11/27 - Pete's Candy Store (Brooklyn, NY) <-- w/ Ash Reiter & Michael Leviton
11/28 - Matthewson Loft (Providence, RI)
11/29 - Langdon St. Cafe (Montpelier, VT) <-- w/ Ash Reiter
11/30 - Slainte (Portland, ME) <-- w/ Dead End Armory & Ash Reiter
12/01 - 7-1-9 House (Philadelphia, PA)
12/02 - P.A.'s Lounge (Cambridge, MA) <-- w/ Ash Reiter & Milo Jones
12/03 - TBA (Portsmouth, NH)

"Little Window" [MP3]

Beatbeat Whisper's website
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I love these kids!