Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Like *Finally* Working On A Sophomore Record

I've been a fan of the atrociously named L.A. band the Like since they had a bunch of EPs out a coupla years ago (I Like the Like, etc.) and enjoyed the group's debut, Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking (2005). The band's finally heading back to the studio (in London, no less) to record its sophomore record for Geffen! To hold you over until the new album comes out, check out the band's MySpace blogs (great Halloween costumes) and a live version of a new song, "Release Me." It's a bit more upbeat than their older stuff, melodically, and of course I love the handclaps injected in the mix. Z-Berg's voice never sounded better!

It's live, but it's definitely a high-quality recording.

"Release Me" (Live) [MP3]
"June Gloom" [MP3]

The Like's website
The Like on MySpace

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