Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Ryan Adams Mysteriously Cancels Tulsa Show... Neil Casal Continues To Just Play Guitar... Man.

The reason? Well, if I knew, it wouldn't be mysterious, now would it? But all R.A. and Co. are saying is this (quoted directly from
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals had an opportunity that we could not pass up, and that we will hopefully be able to unveil to you all very soon. This regretfully resulted in having to cancel the October 21st show in Tulsa, OK. We promise to make it up to you soon. Watch this website for details on reimbursement for tickets already purchased for this show. When asked about the cancellation, guitarist Neal Casal shrugged and said, 'I just play guitar man.'"
Sassy, Ryan. Really sassy.

That Casal quote, of course, is poking fun of Casal's reply to questions about Adams' alleged "meltdown" in Minneapolis last week.


Kathy said...

I waiting too long to get tickets for Friday's StL show, and I'm kind of relieved in a way.

Interestingly, the "meltdown" story was, like, CNN's top link for a while. Must have been a slow day.

foggy ruins of time said...

Have you beard Neal Casal's cover of "I'm Only Sleeping" it's one of the great Beatles covers.