Tuesday, October 16, 2007

May or May Not: "Self Charmed Man"

Chicago's psychedelic pop group, May or May Not, have just finished their latest album, Kaleidoscope of Egos (for Two Thumbs Down Records), and it's full of strange and meshing, layered textures and ridiculously jubilant vocals and harmonies all the way through its 16 songs. Like the latest Apples in Stereo album, it's got these brief little instrumental interludes that help make listening to the whole album an experience. When I hear this band, especially during "Self Charmed Man," I can imagine them dancing on a hillside in the Polyphonic Spree's discarded rainbow robes. If you're looking for a perfect pop album to hold you over while you're busy anticipating Pants Yell! or SLGTM's upcoming releases, or you've played the new Math and Physics Club EP a few too many times since you unwrapped it, or Panda Bear's just a little too weird for you (and that's too bad for you) check this one out. This could be one of the best things I've heard all year.

Oh, and did I mention the entire album's available for free as a download on May or May Not's website for the next few weeks? Seriously, this is worth your time. Go and listen to it today, and pay for it when it comes out if you're so inclined, because this really is great. Other than that, check out the band's website and cook up some of its recipes (like "Hawaiian Ahi Poke-man" and "May or May Nachos").

"Self Charmed Man" [MP3]** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

May or May Not's website
May or May Not on MySpace


patrick said...

Pants Yell?!! Who can think about Pants Yell! with a new Tullycraft album about to be released?

Ginny said...

You're too right sir! I actually had that listed too, but I wasn't sure of the exact release date.