Friday, October 12, 2007

A Couple Songs From The Boyish Charms!

The Boyish Charms (Cam, Robbie, Daniel and Roy) release stuff on Asaurus Records, and if you remember correctly, so do Pants Yell! Which isn't to say they sound the same, but it does tell you that this band writes ridiculously, adorably cute pop songs. The band's over a decade old (their earliest stuff was released on cassette, okay?), but they're still putting out quality releases like March's spectacularly charming Nothing Spectacular Awaits.

And... you guessed it, they'll be coming to Santa Barbara on Oct. 22 (at Biko Co-Op), with Watercolor Paintings! So be there.

"Dear Katy" [MP3]
"Courting Caitlin" [MP3]

The Boyish Charms on MySpace
The Boyish Charms' website
The Boyish Charms' Asaurus page

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