Wednesday, September 26, 2007

This Week In (Boring) Music Industry Gossip... Yawn.

The perfect excuse for me to post my favorite Elton John photo.

This week has been full of false alarms. Scandalous, scandalous false alarms. First, everybody and their brother posted a story on the Meg White scandal (oh not me, I'm classy -- oh wait, what am I doing right now?), and then NME dupes me into momentarily believing Elton John's been up to no good. Hooray for sensational headlines.

...Elton John's official website says the famous singer is currently being investigated on child pornography charges... It's not really all that scandalous as you'd imagine, though. Basically, John owns two photographs by Nan Goldin of young, semi-clothed bellydancing girls (whoa, Elton) that have been exhibited all over the world, only to be seized on Sept. 20.

...Then there was that whole Meg White sex tape mess. C'mon, you guys... how did that one get so out of control? Watch about 10 seconds, and you know that the girl in the tape isn't nearly pasty enough to be our Meg...

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