Friday, October 5, 2007

Ravens & Chimes: Reichenbach Falls

Ravens & Chimes have created the perfect soundtrack to your cold, snowy winter. Reichenbach Falls is a beautifully written collection of songs by an up-and-coming group of musicians from New York that'll go perfectly with the chill running down your spine this December when it's dark and your heater is broken and you haven't seen your friends in a couple of days. Think Conor Oberst's songs (though lead singer Asher Lack's voice it a lot easier on the ears), as re-imagined by the Arcade Fire. The songs are grandly orchestrated, yet there's an intimacy and delicacy to the lyrics that keeps things from getting too insufferably gloomy. One of the more accomplished debut albums you'll hear this year, and one of the albums I expect you'll appreciate even more during the coming months.

Catch the band performing at this year's CMJ, and look for the album, Reichenbach Falls in stores on Oct. 9 (via Better Looking Records).

"January" [MP3]
"General Lafeyette! You Are Not Alone!" [MP3]

Ravens and Chimes' website
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