Monday, August 6, 2007

Vote For The Eames Era To Play @ ACL!

The Eames Era has a chance to play at Austin City Limits this year -- if enough people vote for them. These Louisiana kids released another album (Heroes and Sheroes) of charming indie pop goodness earlier this year, and they deserve it. "When You Were A Millionaire" is the kind of song I can't even figure out all the words to (something, something sycamore tree?) that I sing along to anyhow. I could probably do a Google lyrics search, but where's the fun in that, really?

-->Click here to send the Eames Era to ACL.<--

"When You Were A Millionaire" [MP3]
"Year of the Waitress" [MP3]

The Eames Era's website
The Eames Era's MySpace


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