Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Or, The Whale: "Call and Response" and "Rope Don't Break"

Or, The Whale is an 7-piece band that hails from San Francisco, whose 2007 release, Light Poles and Pines, shows off the group's eclectic range on what could reasonably be called a alt-country sort of sound. "Call and Response" is an upbeat number with male lead vocals lead by guitars and drums, while "Rope Don't Break" is a slower, acoustic, more contemplative song highlighting female vocals you could imagine Neko Case singing. Check out their MySpace (link is below) for a TON of tour dates that cross this country. Lisssen, you!

"Call and Response" [MP3] from Light Poles and Pines
"Rope Don't Break" [MP3] from Light Poles and Pines

Or, The Whale's MySpace
Or, The Whale's website

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