Thursday, August 9, 2007

Frightening First Date Songs (So Crazy In Love!)

So your blind date pulls up in his (or her) car (maybe it's a beat-up blue and tan Astro van, the kind kidnappers use, maybe it's a Jag, I don't know how you roll), gets out and rings your doorbell. I don't know, I guess he's (or she's) cute enough, you exchange pleasantries, and you get into their car. The small talk's going alright, you're not feeling too awkward... until they pop in a burned CD they've made especially for the occasion... I now give you 10 songs that'll get you scrambling to open the car door and jump out. Some are about creeps, some are about the crazy things people do for love, and others... well, others are just plain creepy. Feel free to mention some of your own.

Radiohead: "Creep" [MP3] -- MORE INFO
This one's pretty obvious, self-explanatory... a real creeping classic.

Amy LaVere: "Killing Him" [MP3] -- MORE INFO
For fans of undying love: "Killing him didn't make the love go away."

The Avett Brothers: "Die Die Die" [MP3] -- MORE INFO

Marbles: "Death My Bride" [MP3] -- MORE INFO

The Village Green: "When The Creepers Creep In" [MP3] -- MORE INFO

Pixies: "Is She Weird" [MP3] -- MORE INFO
Though if they're listening to the Pixies, you should probably stick around.

Hello Saferide: "High School Stalker" [MP3] -- MORE INFO
The happiest song about a stalker you'll EVER hear. It really is charming.

Bishop Allen: "Psycho Killer" (Talking Heads) [MP3] -- MORE INFO
Awesome song, though. "Run run run run run run run awaaaaay!"

We Are Scientists: "The Creeper" [MP3] -- MORE INFO

Clay Aiken: "Invisible" [MP3] -- MORE INFO
Probably the creepiest of the bunch, in my estimation. All-around winner. This is actually a fake link. If you REALLY want it, I'm sure it's within your power to find it.


foggy ruins of time said...

Based on a true story?

foggy ruins of time said...

Where did you find that picture btw?

VA said...

Ha, no, but my timing is remarkable!

And the picture is from a google search on creepy astro van, hearts added by me, of course.

Becky said...

haha wow. that's really a special compilation.