Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Bishop Allen: Live @ the Echo, 7/31

Bishop Allen just released its second album, The Broken String, last week, and it would be sufficient to say that quite a few were broken last night at the Echo. The openers weren't bad, despite Castledoor's ongoing war on the sound system and Page France sadly not making it, with Secretary Bird filling in (not to mention competition from the M.I.A. show going on downstairs), but it was BA who made my night. The band played with an intensity that their albums can only suggest, powering through most of their songs (aside from the lovely "Butterfly Nets," which I'm sure was a welcome breather for the band) in a way that was way more rock 'n' roll than indie pop (which I think might be many peoples' conception of them). It's so refreshing to see a band play that actually looks thrilled to be playing -- that excitement channels into the audience. Nobody who knew the lyrics seemed capable of refusing to sing along, and even the people behind me, who had no idea who BA was at the night's start, were dancing. I had fun seeing Bishop Allen last November at the Troubadour, too though -- don't know if this band is capable of performing a bad concert. Guess I'll have a chance to find out -- Christian told the audience BA would likely be back in Los Angeles in October.

The Same Fire
Busted Heart
Click Click Click Click
Middle Management
Choose Again
The Chinatown Bus
Things Are What You Make Of Them
Like Castanets
Butterfly Nets
The Monitor
Flight 180
Charm School

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okay, help me with my theory. was there any noteworthy justin-darbie interaction?