Saturday, July 21, 2007

Strawberry Whiplash

While Santa Barbara hasn’t got a whole bunch of awesome venues, it is the home of Matinee Records. They’ve got a number of exciting releases to look forward to. They’ve put out the latest Math & Physics Club album, and are responsible for albums by cult indiepop favorites like The Lucksmiths, The Tender Trap, Pipas… the list goes on and on. Anyways, they’ve recently added Glasgow-based Strawberry Whiplash to their repertoire of killer artists, and the band fits in perfectly with those aforementioned bands. They’ve got a JAMC vibe going on, what with the shimmering wall of fuzzy guitar sounds and perfect attention to pop melodies. Their EP, Who’s In Your Dreams, will be available in a few months. In the meantime, open iTunes, play the song, and prepare to hit repeat. Repeatedly.

"Who's In Your Dreams" [MP3]

Strawberry Whiplash's MySpace
Matinee Records website


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