Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Review (AKA Break-Up Letter): Rooney

Dear Robert Schwartzman,

You have officially broken my heart today. While I have been doubting our relationship for years now (my musical taste ain't exactly as underdeveloped as it used to be), your new album (Calling The World) is going to be so synth-laden, so artificial-sounding, so glossy, so "Pop Stars," so devoid of that shimmering California pop-rock flavor that my bad-ass 8th-grade-self used to adore that I feel like I don't even know you anymore. What happened? I think I'm just going to pretend your new album doesn't exist and keep on listening to "Sorry Sorry," "No Wait, But Listen" and "The Floor" over and over again. But hey, your brother, under his new Coconut Records alias, managed to release an awesome album this year. Can I have his number instead?

Your Little Ghost Friend

P.S. -- I actually do love "Tell Me Soon"... maybe there's hope yet.

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