Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Agent Ribbons

They’re sassy, are probably the most fun drunks in the bars, and sing lovely and often playfully angry songs with a growl and some squeals. I saw these girls (from the San Diego area) in a garage in Isla Vista a few months ago, but I think they could have an audience outside of the d-i-y scene… Think an rowdier, rawer, less-cutesy (but still quite cutesy, now that I think about it) Rilo Kiley> or Eames Era. Okay, maybe those aren’t adequate comparisons, but they can give you a good idea of what i mean. Sing-along pop with a rawer punk tinge. Oh, and if you buy their albums, they come in awesome handmade packaging. So you SO should. And they’re trying to set up a US tour right now, so they just might come to a city near you.

"Don't Touch Me" [MP3]
"Chelsea, Let's Go Join The Circus" [MP3]


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