Thursday, August 16, 2007

These Kids Got Cool Stuff!

[Alex Greenwald = Alecsu?]

Head on over to Bwank to hear an exclusive Alex Greenwald (of Phantom Planet/Blackblack) track from a mysterious 7-song EP. "Gorilla" is wonderful... bodes well for the upcoming, long-delayed PP album (one would hope).

Gorilla vs. Bear's got a remix of "Strong Animal," which is a cut from the upcoming Castanets album, In The Vines. Mhmmm, banging remix indeed!!

Said The Gramophone's got a track, "Family Tree," from the upcoming Sandro Perri album, Tiny Mirrors. Is it awesome? Hell yeah, didya expect anything less?

My good friend over at Foggy Ruins of Time has a review up of the wonderful Lonesome Architects/Mutineers/Watercolor Paintings show we went to last night at Muddy Waters. Good times had by all.

The Finest Kiss has got some leaks from the upcoming Lucksmiths album! Matinee never fails me. They've also got tour dates, which I'll repost here soon, since one of them brings the band to Santa Barbara (with Math and Physics Club!). Thanks!

Oh, and for anybody who's a Sam Cooke enthusiast (and really, how could you not be?), My Life Is A Stereo has got a Sam Cooke double feature.

Annnd -- the blogger over at The Late Greats has a list of songs that got them through high school. I think we've all got a list of songs like that, and I think most peoples' includes something by the Replacements, like this one does. Mine would have, but I didn't find out about them 'til I graduated. Now they're getting me through college. And we all know I'd post about them everyday if I could.